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Backtagging: OF COURSE. Backtagging is awesome. I'll reply as long as I see it usually.

Threadhopping: Forever allowed.

Fourthwalling: GO FOR IT.

Hugging/Kissing/TouchyTouch: I'm fine with all of it, but Yurippe might decide that you need to be punished if you fuck with her when she's not feeling receptive. She's generally pretty relaxed about this stuff and doesn't really treat anyone romantically though.

Fighting/Injuring/Killing: Yes, yes, and yes. She's already dead, she'll get over just about everything in anywhere from 5 minutes to a few days. (Obviously, papercuts take less time to get over than being dismembered.) Just don't expect her to sit there and take it, she gives as good as she gets and then some. Sometimes with rocket launchers.

Using telepathy/mind reading: You could, but don't mess with anything. If you go in there and try to alter her thoughts or memories, it isn't cool unless you as the mun plan on having your character fail. Seriously, she might disappear and go get reincarnated and then I can't play her anymore. :T
[ Okay! Yuri ended up clearing out their recently gained HQ for the party. Which mostly was just shooing everyone besides Hinata and telling them they had the day off. Brilliant right?

Anyway, she made Christmas decorations so there are at least lights and things and she's sitting in the nice big chair while she waits for everyone to get there. ]

[ text ]

I'm starting to really hate this thing.

[ locked to battler ]
Are you still hanging out because of the virus or am I getting the normal even-bigger-idiot right now?


You may FOREVER concrit me. Stay constructive and I love you. Just lemme know how I'm doing with Yurippe. Praise, complaints, comments, questions, concerns, advice, whatever! Anon is enabled.